If there is a service that you want and you don’t see listed here, call and ask. We try our best to accommodate all our client’s needs. Our concierge service is willing to create and customize a detailed plan that best works for you and your pet family. Please Call 239.631.9222, our use our Contact form for more information.


20-minute daily check-in   DOG OR CAT $20

When you just need a quick visit to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet, let us check in to see to their every basic need. This visit includes a quick potty break or litter box cleaning, some loving pets and play with a quality check-in, but no mealtime or medication administration. This is our basic visit and does not include any of our home services.





Our 30-minutevisit includes plenty of play time, a dog walk around your neighborhood or litter box cleaning, meals and medication administration if needed. This is a great option for pets who’s parents are gone for part of the day or owners who are home but need assistance walking their pet. Basic home services are included in this visit.



60-MINUTE DAILY VISIT Dog or Cat $45

Our 60-minute visit is perfect for pet parents that work long hours or will be out for extended hours of the day. This visit includes meals, a long dog walk around your neighborhood or litter box cleaning, play time, plenty of cuddles, brushing, mealtime and medications if needed.



This 2-visit option is preferred for dog or cat companions who are home alone for long stretches of the day or on medication that needs to be monitored. All of the amenities of our 30-minute visit are included-- play time, walks, brushing, mealtime and medications if needed.

THE FULL DAY SIT Dog or Cat $75

The full day sit includes three 30-minute visits per day; morning, afternoon and night to ensure maximum comfort and ease for your furry family. These visits include dog walks or litter clean up, meals, medication, cuddles, pets and play time. All home services offered are included.

If your pet requires more than 3 visits, it is an additional $25 per half-hour.

*If your dog is crated during the day and you are on an extended trip, we suggest our "60 Minute Daily Visit" to ensure optimal health and well being of your pet while you are away. Call for pricing.


This option is for when you are traveling, and your fur baby just cannot come. We will stay at your home overnight to see to the safety and well being of your precious pet. This includes an 8-10 hour stay overnight in your home and one 30-minute midday visit. All basic home sitting services are also included with the overnight stay.

If extra visits are needed throughout the day it is $25 for each additional visit.


If it is socialization with other dogs you are wanting for your furry friend or just a walk in the park, we have several wonderful parks here in Collier County. Let us take them out for a day of play or just a walk on the trail at one of the fabulous parks here in beautiful Naples Florida. The park visit includes, transportation and a one hour stay at the park.

*Pricing varies for park visits depending on your location. Please call for pricing.