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Lori - Owner of Naples Peaceful Pets

Lori - Owner of Naples Peaceful Pets

Lori Bastien/Owner

Meet Lori, Owner and creator of Naples Peaceful Pets. She sets a quality standard of professional and compassionate care for her clients whether they are fur, feather and or other. Her passion and dedication for animals started in her youth, living in Central Michigan, she grew up with dogs, cats, rabbits and multiple rescues. This love continued as a teenager where she worked part-time with a local dog groomer, kennel owner and breeder. Later, she moved to and raised her children in south central Wisconsin, continuing with her love and passion for animals. There was never a dull moment with two kids, several fur babies and multiple rescues. She had an open door policy for all who graced her doorstep. Her love for animals, led her to begin her own business with the ideals of ‘Loving and Compassionate care for all’. Lori has dedicated her time to the hands-on care of her pet-clients and creating a business built on Peace, Trust, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, and most importantly Love.

Janine Gesimondo - Team Member

Janine Gesimondo - Team Member


Michele Briggs - Team Member

Janine Gesimondo - Team Member

Loving Team member, part of the crew at Naples Peaceful Pets. Janine is originally from MA.  Over the years, friends and family have entrusted their precious pets into her care because they trusted her abilities and knew that she would treat their pets same as her own. Janine loves spending her time with pets it’s the ‘Ultimate Job’! Kind of hard to even call it a “job.” Who can resist wags and purrs, wet kisses and lap naps?

She has many years of experience caring for cats, dogs, birds, fish, and rabbits. And is comfortable walking, feeding, playing and caring for your pets. Janine is a available for daily or special occasion/vacation visits. Overnights in your home or her home. Wonderfully reliable, trustworthy and background checked.



Loving Team Member Michele is a transplant from CT. Her love of animals began when she was a little girl. Her friends and relatives had dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, fish and more—and she helped care for them. As an adult, she began quickly adding to her pet family. Under her roof (and rules), have been an assortment of dogs, cats, fish, toads, guinea pigs—the latest love is GG her cream Golden Retriever (see photo).

Since retiring from corporate life, Michele has the time to pursue her passion of animals and their care. She enjoys meeting new pet friends and helping them while their owners cannot. Care and companionship are the most rewarding and important aspects of this career. She is punctual, reliable and caring (and like all team members, background checked).

Dyann Hoover - Team Member

Dyann Hoover - Team Member

dyann hoover - Team Member

Loving team member Dyann is on her third career. Dyann retired from the United States Army and then the Atlanta public school system. Her love and care of all animals started as a child in small town Iowa. Dyann has raised three children, had two careers and is now a full time Floridian and Naples Peaceful Pets team member. Dyann is loving, reliable, trustworthy and has a direct way about her. She approaches everything and everyone with more than a dash of common sense, humor and love. Her motto is live and love life to its fullest. Care and Companionship are her middle name. Dyann is available for overnights, daily walks, beach outings and everything in between.



  • Certified in Dog CPR and First Aid

  • Certified in Pet First Aid

  • All Team Members are Background Checked and Verified through “”